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captioning funded by cbs good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, october 8th, 2012. welcome to cbs this morning. with just a month to go until election day, a new poll shows the presidential race is tied. could ambassador chris stevens murder been prevented? his former security chief talks only to cbs news. california gas prices continue to soar. plus a simple switch your phone company won't do to prevent theft. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> we're going to win florida. we're going to take back the white house. >> mitt romney rides new momentum into the swing states. >> romney delivers a major foreign policy speech in virginia today. >> the obama campaign feeling new pressure after the
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president's performance at his debate in denver. >> everybody here is incredible professionals. they just perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. >> this week it's the vice presidential candidates' turn to face off. >> is there anything more exciting than joe biden thinking it's up to him to get the lead back? >> relief may be just days away for california thrivers suffering through the highest gasoline prices in the nation. >> they're keeping tired old grannies like me at home. >> there are more than 91 cases of fungal meningitis. the outbreak spanning nine states has killed at least seven people. a wild brawl between two separate wedding parties ends with one man dead and four people under arrest. >> did they just hit the bride? liftoff. a new era in space flight. the first commercial flight into space bound for the international space station. at talladega super speedway, a 25 car pileup. believe it or not, there were no
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injuries. drew brees broke the record. touchdown passes in 48 consecutive games. >> there it is! >> all that -- >> yankees are going to oakland up two games to none. >> and all that matters. >> he spent 90 minutes trying to undo two years of campaigning on that stage. he did it very well. >> are you saying governor romney lied? >> on "cbs this morning." >> if the u.s. were burning what famous person would you save and why. >> i would save oprah. she's worth about $100 billion. >> who would you save? >> my family. welcome to "cbs this morning." we have new evidence governor mitt romney is gaining ground after last week's presidential debate. a new gallup poll of registered
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voters shows the race is in a dead heat. >> romney is sharpening his attacks on the president. today he'll call for changes in america's foreign policy. janua jan crawford is covering the romney campaign in lexington, virginia. >> reporter: good morning, norah. good morning, charlie. romney was one of the president's earliest critics on how he handle libya. his supporters say they subsequently proved him right. romney's got some tough words for the president here at the virginia military institute. he'll deliver this later this morning. and he's also implying that some of the president's decisions were made for political reasons. >> thank you! >> reporter: in a major speech on foreign policy, romney will attack mr. obama's leadership and set out his strategy, promising, i'll affirm that my duty is not to my political prospects, but to the security of the nation. romney will challenge the president's handling of the middle east, saying it's time to change course. i know the president hopes for a
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safer, freer and more prosperous middle east al middle east allied with the united states. i share this hope. but hope is not a strategy. >> we're going to win florida! we're taking back the white house! >> reporter: this speech comes after a weekend of campaigning in the battleground state of florida. romney, a private man, began showing a compassionate side telling personal stories about helping others including a 14-year-old boy from his congregation who was dying of leukemia. >> he said i'd like you to write a will for me. and so i got out a big piece of legal pad and he proceeded to describe the things he wanted to give away. his skateboard. his fishing rod. who they'd go to. of course his rifle to his brother. this is a boy who had the courage. i didn't see him waver. i saw strength in his eyes. >> reporter: romney also is pushing back hard against attacks from the obama campaign with a new ad saying the president is falsely accusing hmm of advocating a $5 trillion tax cut. >> the latest? not telling the truth about mitt
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romney's tax plan. >> reporter: now, romney will be speaking here in the hall within the hour. we've just seen the excerpts, of course. based on that it looks like he's going to draw a very sharp contrast between the president and his views on foreign policy, much as we've seen him do on economic policy. so some strong words shortly from mitt romney. charlie and norah? >> jan crawford, thank you. this morning president obama is admitting he's not satisfied with his effort in the first debate. nancy cordes is in los angeles where the president is focusing on raising campaign cash. >> the president is waking up here in los angeles after holding two fundraisers in the city last night. he's got three more in san francisco today. and we learned over the weekend that the obama campaign brought in 1$181 million in september. the largest one-month haul of this campaign. 6,000 obama supporters paid at least $250 each to join the
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president at a star-studded concert in downtown los angeles. the lineup included katy perry, stevie wonder, jon bon jovi and jennifer hudson. president obama praised them all while poking fun at himself. >> and everybody here is incredible professionals. they're such great friends. and they just perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. >> reporter: it was the first public acknowledgment that his debate performance wednesday night might not have been the strongest. earlier sunday on "face the nation" campaign strategist david axelrod admitted the president wasn't completely happy with his showing. >> the president is his harshest critic. without getting into detail, i think you can assume that he's reviewed the tape. and it will inform -- it will inform how he handles these subsequent debates. >> reporter: axelrod and other top aides and supporters spanned out across the sunday talk shows
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to try to blunt the impact of the debate. and all shared the same message about mitt romney. >> i think he was dishonest. absolutely. >> i give him a d minus on substance and truthfulness. >> it was big bird meets the big lies. >> the underpinnings and foundation of that performance were fundamentally dishonest. >> reporter: the obama campaign has a new ad out this morning, a preview of how they plan to respond to governor romney's big foreign policy speech. they say he's failed the commander in chief test with a rocky visit to the uk and israel this summer. and then again with his hasty response to the tragedy in libya a few weeks ago. they say he lashed out at the administration before he had all the facts in a sensitive situation. norah and charlie? >> nancy, thank you very much. john dickerson is in washington. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> are there essential differences between the foreign policy views of romney and the president, or is it simply a case where romney thinks that there is something to be gained by the rhetoric?
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>> i think there are some differences. certainly governor romney's position towards russia is a much more aggressive one. and on china, particularly with the question of currency manipulation. there are stark differences. but i think what you've seen at least from the excerpts of this speech and everything we've seen from governor romney before is that this is more a question of tone and that governor romney sees an opportunity here on two fronts. one to say one of the reasons people liked president obama when he came into office was that he was going to change america's posture in the world. well, it's just as messy as it's ever been. there's a suggestion that maybe things just weren't as promised with president obama. but there's also an opportunity here for governor romney to look like a president. to look like a leader talking about foreign policy and to sport of step into that role. that's part of what this speech is about, too. >> with congressional hearings taking place about what happened in libya, does the administration see some vulnerability there as to what accusations may come out of that? >> well, there is a
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vulnerability. on the one hand as the obama campaign is saying mitt romney spoke too soon on libya, the republicans can say the same thing about the administration on libya. when susan rice, ambassador to the united nations came out and said this was an uprising, not a terrorist event. well, the story has changed since then. that's something now the republicans can point to. there is a vulnerability although everybody still believes on foreign policy that's far, far secondary to the primary issue of this campaign which is the economy. >> john, i want to ask you about mitt romney and his foreign policy advisers and how he would differ from president obama. there's an interesting piece "new york times" in the today by david sanger, what he says of mr. romney. beyond his critique of mr. obama as failing to project american strength abroad, mr. romney has yet to fill in many of the details of how he would conduct foreign policy toward the rest of the world. and he also points out that romney has a disparate and politically fractured team of advisers that include warring tribes of neoconservatives and
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others. is there a coherent strategy that's coming from mitt romney on foreign policy, or is it a work in progress? >> it's absolutely a work in progress. and in part that's because you don't really know what a president's going to do until they're faced with these decisions. as david sanger wrote in his book about what president obama learned in the early parts of this presidency here, there was a covert operation going on with iran he had known nothing about when he was a candidate, that immediately changed his position on iran and engagement with iran. governor romney is taking advantage politically here. no, there are not bright lines in his foreign policy posture. >> who are mitt romney's senior foreign policy advisers? we both covered the campaign of george w. bush. when he was running he early on in the campaign projected he would have collin powell as his secretary of state. he was flanked by kissinger and secretary of state schultz. >> condoleezza rice. >> others to make him look like he was a foreign policy expert. who are romney's top foreign
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policy advisers. >> on the one hand you have john bolton, former ambassador to the united nations who's a neocon serbtive. considered very hard line. on the other hand you have robert zel ig, considered a realest. condoleezza rice has been adv e advising governor romney. he's getting advice from george schultz, secretary of state under reagan. that backs up david sanger's point. he's got a lot of people advicing him on foreign policy. so he can be in either one of those camps if you were to look at his advisers. >> john dickerson. thank you. the former top security official for the u.s. ambassador to libya is testifying to congress this week. but sharyl at kistkisson spoke him on sunday. >> andrew wood is a highly decorated special forces green beret with counterterrorism expertise who headed a 16-member security team in libya. he met daily with u.s.
7:12 am
ambassador christopher stevens who was killed along with three colleagues in the assault on the u.s. compound in benghazi. he says the state department initiated an ill-advised drawdown of security in the six months before the assault. one month before the attack, woods' military team and the last of three s.w.a.t.-style state department teams left libya. when you found out the last two teams were being pulled from libya, what was your feeling about that? >> i felt like we were being asked to play the piano with two fingers. there was concern amongst the entire embassy staff. i had people come and ask me that as well. >> what are they saying? >> they asked if we were safe. they asked if -- what was going to happen. and i could only answer that it shall what we were being told was they were working on it still. they'll get us more. but i never saw that. >> ambassador stevens wanted continued or enhanced security. >> mm-hmm. >> the regional security officer wanted enhanced or continued
7:13 am
security. >> yes. >> you wanted enhanced or continued security. >> yes. >> was the consensus on the ground? >> for enhanced or continued security that we had -- that we had known. that we had come to live with and work with there. for the environment we had. we felt we needed more and not less. >> so all the experts on the ground are telling headquarters at the state department, we need this. and the answer kept coming back as? >> you've got to do with less. for what reasons, i don't know. >> sharyl, do those believe that if, in fact, those security teams had not been withdrawn, even though they can't really know the answer, but they may very well have been able to resisted the attack and saved lives? >> well, they certainly talked about that according to colonel wood. he says he wonders. he told us that armed members of his military team as well as the companion state department security team would have traveled to benghazi with
7:14 am
ambassador wood had they still been in the country on september 11th. but on that day the u.s. was down 34 highly trained security officers in libya compared to just six months before. the state department told us they're still sorting through everything but that they don't see evidence of a lot of security requests that were denied. charlie? >> thank you. you can see more of this story tonight on the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. gas prices continue to skyrocket in california. the statewide average hit a new record high this morning. nearly $4.67 a gallon. at some stations drivers are paying more than $5. as john blackstone reports the governor is now stepping in and taking some action. >> $74 and counting. >> reporter: with gas prices rising steeply for a week, some california drivers are buying as little gasoline as they can. >> they're keeping tired old grannies like me at home. i can't pay all these big prices. >> reporter: california's
7:15 am
governor jerry brown agrees it's an emergency. so he authorized an immediate switch to winter blend gasoline which can be more polluting but could soon bring down prices by 15 cents to 20 cents a gallon. relief drivers say they need. >> i had to cut back on the groceries in order to get some gas in order to get to work, get the kids to school. >> reporter: prices went up so quickly last week they sometimes seemed to change by the hour. >> in a week it's gone up about 52 cents. absolutely unprecedented from our perspective. >> reporter: the sharp rise was blamed on the supply squeeze that began after a fire shut down part of a chevron refinery in august. then a power failure knocked out an exxon refinery last week. with both refineries now back in operation, wholesale prices on the stock market have already started going down. when wholesale prices go up, the price at the pump seems to rise immediately. but when wholesale prices drop, there's usually a lag at the
7:16 am
pump. so california drivers are likely to be paying near record high prices for a few days yet. for "cbs this morning," john blackstone. an outbreak of rare fungal meningitis has spread to nine states. 71 patients have died out of 91 reported cases of the it is. all the cases are contributed to a steroid distributed by a massachusetts pharmacy. it is now recalling all of its products as a precaution. dr. william schaffner joins us now. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> what's at issue here? what do we mean by compounding pharmacies? >> compounding pharmacy takes medication. it's not one of the major pharmaceutical manufacturers. but it takes medication and compounds them. sets them up. usually for highly specialized uses. and then sells them to pain clinics and the like across the country. >> are they regulated? >> they are not regulated the way the major pharmaceutical
7:17 am
companies are. they seem to have fallen into a regulatory gap. that's something that really needs to be addressed by the congress. >> so, doctor, should people be fearful about these types of injections for back or neck pain? >> well, at the moment it would appear that all the medication that's out there that we're using to treat back and neck pain is safe, norah. >> so if someone, though, had been treated recently for this, should they call their doctor? what should they do? >> that's quite a reasonable thing. actually, all the patients are being it sha-- who were exposed this tainted medication are being contacted. but there are lots of people out there who are concerned. surely, call the clinic. call your doctor. find out. try to make sure that they did not receive medication from this tainted line. >> what do you fear the most? >> well, i fear that we will continue to have more cases going on into the future from
7:18 am
this tainted line. this will take us a while to determine that. but i really think that going forward, we need to have a regulatory structure that doesn't permit this to happen again. >> dr. schaffner, thank you very much. time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. "wall street journal" reports on claims that two chinese telecom companies pose a national security threat to the united states. last night on "60 minutes" chairman of the house intelligence committee recommended that american companies should not do business with huawei technologies. a congressional report out today says huawei and a second firm, zte, have equipment that could be used for spying. el universal says venezuelan president hugo chavez won a third term on sunday. the socialist got 54% of the
7:19 am
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this national weather report sponsored by bp. >> crooks are stealing more smart phones than ever but it's the phone companies and what they won't do about it that's frustrating police. we'll talk about john miller. >> in 1972 president richard nixon makes it clear he doesn't want to do any more debates.
7:21 am
we'll hear from these just revealed white house tapes and we'll see how one mistake in a debate can linger for a lifetime on cbs "this morning".
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still four weeks to go until the election but over the weekend we saw maybe the funniest political debate the year. bill o'reilly and jon stewart faced off on hot button topics like taxes and birth control. >> we've have some highlights
7:26 am
oakland city hall, banks, ea >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning, everyone. 7:26 your time. i'm frank mallicoat. let's get you updated now on some bay area headlines. oakland city hall, banks, even a police station all losing their windows to vandalism last night. the rampage in downtown oakland started as an antiwar protest. a lot of clean-up today. governor brown trying to ease high gas prices blamed on supply problems told the state air resources board it let oil companies start selling winter blend gas which is cheaper instead of waiting until november. and the president flying here to san francisco this afternoon, president obama lands at 1:40 with a fundraising event rally at civic auditorium. traffic and weather coming up. ,,
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good morning. we're following a couple of different problems including towards the dumbarton bridge toll plaza. we're hearing of a small fuel spill. it is blocking one lane. golden gate bridge across the bridge itself looks great. we still have a water main break blocking lanes on lombard coming into the marina area of san francisco, lombard street near buchanan and webster. "holiday light" traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> a lot of sunshine around the bay area now too and looks like we are going to see that toward the afternoon and a few clouds as we get an area of low pressure off the coastline cool in spots to start the day 42 degrees right now in santa rosa 45 in the napa valley, 48 in san jose. this afternoon, 60s and 70s outside. but the next couple of days a little unsettled, light chance of showers on tuesday and wednesday. another storm on friday. ,,,,,,,,
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♪ this is columbus day and you're looking at columbus circle here in new york city but you can't see the statue of christopher columbus. it's covered up because of the unique art project. 75 street above the street a japanese artist has built a living room around the statue. so far more than 20,000 people have climbed six flights of stairs to get this close up view of columbus. the installation will be open for six more weeks. welcome to cbs "this morning." we were just talking about columbus. >> we had a teachable moment over the moment talking about christopher columbus and the discovery of the americas. >> did you participate with your children? >> told them if you discover america you can get a condo in
7:31 am
columbus circle. but i can't believe it's a walk up. >> it's fabulous. i want to do that. >> we're going. >> we're talking about iphones. >> you're here to talk about christopher columbus or iphones. >> people use phrases like i crime or apple picking to describe the theft of apple device. theft has hit a high time. john miller is a former deputy commissioner and says police are worried even though it seems to be suddenly less of a problem. so, john, good morning. so, iphones, a lot of people have had their iphones stolen. is there anything different with the iphone 5? >> there is. what's alarming and shouldn't be. suddenly the thefts of iphones here in new york city and in other cities really have dipped. so what they are worried about is after apple announced the release of the date for the new
7:32 am
iphone 5, the redesigned iran phone 5, when the iphone theft slowed down across the country crime analysts believe with the new product on street they are going see a surge again. >> no one saw a thing. >> she was sitting with friends in a new york city restaurant when her iphone was swiped at the table by a patron. designee literally had only been there probably for 15, 20 minutes before he spotted my phone, checked to see if i wasn't looking, and it was five inches away from my elbows at the time and he just took it so fast and walked right out the door. >> in new york city the theft of iphones is driving up crime in the city. >> crime statistics is not up. if there were no thefts of apple products we would have a decrease. >> since the first iphone was released in 2007 new york city theft of apple products has nearly tripled reaching 13,782
7:33 am
in just the first nine months of this year. >> just about every major city across the country has the same exact crime dynamic. those gadgets are valuable and help drive crime. >> here's what police are worried about. a week before the release of the bigger, better iphone 5, the thefts of iphones ground to a near halt and the analysts believe the thieves stopped stealing the old phones until they could start stealing the new iphone 5. >> the sales are very robust as far as iphone 5s are concerned. so, yeah, we have to anticipate that. >> across the country police are expecting a surge in theft. >> as a new product comes out that becomes the item du jour. >> even if the victims deactivate the phones the phones can be re-activated with a new sim card. what could phone carriers do to make it stop? >> we've been asking this for
7:34 am
years. that's to disconnect the phone. make it a useless piece of junk if it's stolen. >> why? after years of requests could the phone carriers be resisting the option of permanently disabling stolen phones because a stolen phone once reprogrammed generates a new number, a new bill and a new way for the phone company to make money. >> so this would make a significant difference because it just takes away the incentive to steal one of these phones. >> john, the chief made the case. why don't the phone companies do something about this? >> well, right now senator chuck schumer, the senator from new york has legislation that would make a national registry of the stolen numbers with the s.e.c. and then when you try to sign up a phone they would run the number, kind of like a license plate on a stolen car and say you can't sign up it's stolen. that's a process that will take one year, maybe two, and it's still uncertain.
7:35 am
what they are saying why don't we make the switch now. it boils down to according to people who have been in the negotiations the carriers say if i do it first and just by myself then the other phone companies will still be making this money that i'm out. so they are trying to get them all together. but essentially it seems to be over the money. now the carriers don't say that. the carriers say we don't want to get in between messy divorces between people switching other people's phones and frat boy disputes. but if this was costing them money they might find their way to a solution quicker. good. i saw it. >> very nice. all right.
7:36 am
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years. that was no accident. according to white house tapes that just had to come to light. >> the tapes showed president nixon talking about debates with his top advisers. bill plante is at the white house with this story. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you know barack obama was not the only candidate for president to have a bad debate experience. in that first debate between john ken dean nixon, nixon despite his years in the senate and his time as vice president
7:41 am
came off more poorly on tv than the less experienced kennedy and a new tape showed that poor performance lingered with nixon for years to come. >> would be difficult to cover it in 2 1/2 minutes. >> this is the debate that richard nixon couldn't live down. >> which party do we want to lead the united states. mr. nixon do you want to comment on that statement? >> have no comment. >> going head-to-head with john kennedy in 1960, nixoning looked uncomfortable compared to a relaxed kennedy. nixon lamented that performance in a candid conversation with his white house chief of staff. >> remember, even on the first debate. we made the mistake of not -- for that one. well, or -- we got prepared. worked like hell. >> but you didn't have time -- >> nixon never made that mistake again not when he ran in 1968.
7:42 am
>> nixon didn't want to debate in '68 because he had the experience of 1960 behind him. >> not in 1972 when he was up senator george mcgovern challenged him to a debate. historian ken hughes from the university of virginia found these tapes of president nixon. in this never before heard recording nixon cites national security concerns as a reason for not debating. >> it wouldn't serve the interests of the country particularly at this time when very important negotiations are taking place involving matters of very great importance to the nation and which cannot be discussed, cannot and should not be discussed in a debate forum. >> reporter: at the time the vietnam war was at issue. and the president gives instructions for a statement from his campaign denying mcgovern's debate request.
7:43 am
>> what should we say? that the president that no incumbent president should debate his opponent. >> that's right. >> the differences between these two are so great. >> reporter: richard nixon can't resist saying if there were a debate he would win. >> nixon was a champion debater as far as he was concerned and completely destroy george mcgovern i think if given a chance. >> of course, having a debate wouldn't concern me a bit. >> no, you would clean him up. >> this guy doesn't have any flare at all. >> the only problem is then, i mean he automatically gets it. >> it would give him free time. >> don't want to give him that coverage on primetime. let him get his own primetime. >> reporter: don't you love how zigler was the yes man? ford trailed jimmy carter, need
7:44 am
ad boost, he agreed to a debate in 1976. 16 years after the first one. today no candidate can really avoid debating. charlie, norah? >> bill, i lov
7:45 am
>> after a lot of hype the rumble in the air conditioned auditorium went on this weekend. we'll hear what bill o'reilly and jon stewart had to say and why thousands of people couldn't see it. [ alarm clock ringing ] [ female announcer ] if you have rheumatoid arthritis,
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now this is some way to end a race. nascar's tony stewart triggered this 25 car pileup on the final lap of sunday's race at talladega. matt kenseth made it through the cars and smoke and took the checkered flag and thank goodness no one was seriously purity. >> presidential debate had the biggest television audience for 25 years. there was a huge demand this weekend as bill o'reilly and jon stewart metaphor their rumble. >> many viewers had trouble connecting to that live video
7:50 am
stream. computer servers were overloaded. in case you missed it, stewart brought something along to overcome a nine inch height difference. >> 5'7" tall, mr. jon stewart. >> i've come here tonight to plead to the mayor of [ bleep ] mountain. >> we don't have any beef with private companies providing whatever they want. that's the free marketplace. but when you get a sandra fluke saying i'm entitled to my birth control paid for by the taxpayer that's insane. all right. [ applause ] >> why is fit you take advantage of a tax break and you're a corporation you're a smart businessman but if you take advantage of something that you need to not be hungry you're a moocher. [ applause ] >> if the u.s. were burning what
7:51 am
famous person would you save and why? >> i would save oprah, she's worth about $100 billion. who would you save? >> my family. [ laughter ] >> oprah is a great answer too. >> [ laughter ] . >> how is it two personalities as yourselves share a willingness to come together when congress can't? what advice would you give congress? [ applause ] >> wait, wait, wait. and what would you like for christmas miss little boy. [ laughter ] get out. >> so if he tries to sit in the president's lap. >> they tried to play golf. >> all right. it was supposed to be happiest
7:52 am
day of their lives but two couples got married saturday will remember this instead. look at this. this is the craziest story of the day. we'll show you the giant reception brawl caught on tape on cbs "this morning". i was living with this all-over pain. a deep, throbbing, persistent ache. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. and for some people, it can work in as early as
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captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning. it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. a so-called anti-imperialist rally and march turned violent in oakland. protestors smashed windows and the glass front doors of city hall as well as other buildings. police say about 200 people marched through downtown. no one was arrested. today the fbi plans to comb through a murder scene in hercules. susie ko was killed at her home friday night between 7:00 and 10:00 by someone who stole her car a blue subaru. ko was a well thought of former teacher. traffic traffic and weather coming right up ♪
7:57 am
[ male announcer ] introducing a look twice. introducing a stunning work of technology -- the entirely new lexus es. and the first-ever es hybrid. good morning. we are just getting word of capitol corridor delays, train
7:58 am
number 525 delayed 25 minutes between suisun and martinez. on the roads, a look at one of our bridges, san mateo bridge. westbound 92 looks good right now. we had an earlier crash westbound 92 approaching 101. it is now off to the right-hand shoulder so yeah, it is "holiday light" across the bay area this morning. a lot of folks have columbus day off. here's a live look at the nimitz, 880 past the coliseum. no delay right now in those northbound lanes right there past the coliseum. that is your "timesaver traffic." for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> we are looking good outside, elizabeth, right now lots of sunshine over the city of san francisco. nob hill looking good couple of clouds approaching the coastline. the temperatures a little chilly in spots. we have 40s in the north bay valleys, 50s generally elsewhere. by the afternoon we'll see plenty of sunshine, a couple of passing clouds, 60s and 70s. but things change later on tonight. clouds begin to thicken up, slight chance of showers on tuesday and wednesday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, everybody. it is 8:00 a.m. and welcome back to "cbs this morning." a new poll says the presidential race is tied with mitt romney picking up support after the debate. plus, two wedding receptions end up in one giant brawl. and of course, it was all caught on tape. but first, here's a look at what's happening in the world and what we've been covering on "cbs this morning." >> next january we'll be watching him leave the white house for the last time. >> romney is sharpening his attack and today he'll call for changes in america's foreign policy. >> he's going to draw a shoarp contrast. >> there's an opportunity here for the prosecutes to look like a leader. >> the former top security official for the u.s. ambassador
8:01 am
to libya is testifying to congress this week. cheryl attkisson spoke with him on sunday. >> when you found out the last two teams were being pulled from libya, what was your feeling about that? >> i felt like we were being asked to play the piano with two fingers. smartphone theft has hit an all-time high. >> police are worried even though it seems to be less of a problem. >> analysts believe with the new product on the street, they're going to see a surge again. >> right now bill o'reilly's audience is calling my audience on the phone to try and figure out how to download this thing. >> you're here to talk about christopher columbus? >> stay focused. >> now, this is some way to end a race. nascar's tony stewart triggered this 25-car pileup. thank goodness no one was seriously hurt. romney went on to say if elected he would no longer borrow money from china to pay for pbs. i guess that explains why this week's "sesame street" was brought to you by the letter this.
8:02 am
i'm charlie rose with gayle king and nora o'donnell. the race for the white house could not be tighter. the daily gallup poll shows the race tied. the president held a five-point lead before last week's debate. today as jan crawford reports, romney will focus on foreign policy, call for the united states to take a more forceful role in the middle east. >> reporter: governor romney will be giving a major foreign policy speech here at virginia military institute later this morning. he's got some tough words for the president, suggesting his leadership on issues of foreign policy has been a failure, been weak and passive. and romney is calling for a new course, especially in the middle east. but before romney even takes this stage, the president is out with a new ad, mocking his foreign trip over the summer, saying romney has already failed the commander in chief test. now, on issues of foreign policy, there's a new poll out this morning from george washington university and politico. it gives the president the edge on foreign policy. 50% to romney's 44%.
8:03 am
but this poll and another poll from gallup this morning shows this race is a dead heat. that same politico/george washington university poll gives romney the edge on issues like the economy, on jobs, on federal spending and the deficit. and that poll was taken, most of that poll was taken before last week's debate which widely is seen as going to mitt romney. now, in california, the president last night actually mocked his own debate performance, poked fun at himself. take a listen to this. >> everybody here is such great friends, and they just perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. >> reporter: so the pressure's really on the president for the next presidential debate which will be, of course, next week. but first, the two number twos are going to go head to head thursday night in danville, kentucky. no one knows what to expect from that one. joe biden going at it with congressman paul ryan. we haven't seen these two go head to head before.
8:04 am
so a lot going on this week with this foreign policy speech. a lot of fund-raisers out west with the president and then, of course, the big debate on thursday night. for "cbs this morning," i'm jan crawford in lexington, virginia. california's governor is taking emergency steps to cut rising gas prices, but it will take a few days to show up at the pump. this morning the average price for regular unleaded gasoline is $4.67. that is a record for california. aaa says the highest price in the state is $6.65 a gallon. yikes! governor jerry brown is allowing suppliers to bring in a cheaper blend of gas that's usually only sold in the winter. some apple orchards in new york are charging $8 for a gallon of cider because of an apple shortage. we're seeing the smallest crop in more than 25 years due to a warm spring and an april cold snap that destroyed much of this year's crop from canada to north carolina. and if you're thinking you'll find the best holiday shopping deals on black friday,
8:05 am
you'd better think again. popular gifts are often cheaper throughout the year. the research firm decide found the best online deal last year for an elmo plush toy was in march. when it cost $11. if you waited till black friday, that same elmo cost you $18. and the lowest price for a samsung flat-screen tv was in late july, $678 for that. on black friday, it was more than twice that amount. interesting. there was a scary moment last night on the qvc home shopping network when the host suddenly stopped talking in midsentence. >> everything on, but, you know, it was -- -- >> you okay? okay. >> you know, everything on. >> qvc has not yet explained what happened or released any information about her condition. >> very scary stuff. and two brides and a brawl. sounds like the title of a scary movie.
8:06 am
but this really happened in philadelphia over the weekend. and a camera, of course, was rolling. as tarell brown reports, that fight ruined two weddings and may have led to one death. >> reporter: the allout brawl erupted just before 2:00 a.m. sunday morning at the sheraton hotel in philadelphia. when police arrived, they found nearly 100 people from two different wedding parties going at it in the lobby bar. at one point officers used batons to try to pull two men off each other. one man gets tossed to the ground. and in the middle of the melee, a woman in a long dress can be seen falling to the floor. 15-year-old max schultz in town with family captured the chaotic scene on his cell phone. >> they just started punching each other and hitting each other. and the police came in and started clubbing people. >> reporter: several people were injured, one man believed to be
8:07 am
the uncle of one of the bride suffered a heart attack. in a statement, the hotel said, "we continue to cooperate with authorities. our sincerest condolences go out to the family for their loss." police haven't said what caused the fight, but they believe alcohol played a role.
8:08 am
>> is a credit union better than a bank? we'll ask jack otter of money watch if that is true. maybe we could ask jkack's kids when "cbs this morning" continues. i think it's a school holiday. jack otter right after the break. i love how clean my mouth is after a dental cleaning...
8:09 am
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8:12 am
♪ i'm free the young man attempted a stunt jumping from one building to another took an unexpected fall, crashing through the roof. and yes, the cameras were rolling. a new sport i just learned about
8:13 am
today, hardcore. >> are you laughing at that young man getting hurt? we can laugh because he's okay. >> he is okay, yes, thank you. >> he is okay. the federal reserve says it will keep interest rates low for the next three years because of the low rates and the growing number of bank fees, more people are using credit unions instead. jack otter is executive editor of "cbs money watch," is here with five things you should know about credit unions. first let's start with your tie. because when i was in the green room talking to lily otter, guess what? lily otter picked out the tie this morning. >> she did. i was fishing over the weekend. so it was appropriate. so she got it for dad and it looks good on tv. pops, as they say. >> he said my tie pops. lily picked it out. let's talk about credit unions because i always thought they had to be tied to your employment. >> that's how it used to be. you had to work for the company or be part of a government agency or union. but it's broadening now and you can join at the slightest excuse, pay a tiny fee, one good
8:14 am
example is the credit union, you pay $20, it's a donation towards the families of military soldiers. it's a great cause, you're a member and you can join. you can look these things up at, a slightly biased name, or culookup, >> why choose a credit union over a traditional larger bank? >> there's a lot of reasons. the main ones are cost. in terms of what they pay you, you can do better on your savings account or your cd, you get higher rates. when it comes time for a mortgage or auto loan, you pay less. i looked up last night on, the ten highest paying five-year cds in the country, 7 of the 10 were credit unions. only three were banks. and they're not fdic insured, but they're insured by the national credit union administration, which is just the same. it's government backed, up to $250,000. so it's just people shouldn't worry about safety. that's a nonissue. and because they're nonprofits, they don't pay dividends to
8:15 am
shareholders. you won't see credit union ceos flying around in private jets. there's lower overhead and the money goes to you. >> should we be worried about finding an atm? >> that is a big problem, absolutely. there is a network called the co-op network. and you can go to and see where their atms are. they're in 7-elevens, walgreens, costcos. but it's a convenience issue. so before joining, you should certainly check and see where the atms are. >> but do you have to pay more? i hate going to a foreign atm and having to pay to get my own money out. >> i agree. suddenly 6%. >> yeah. >> in most cases, they are lower fees than you would pay at a traditional bank if you're going out of network, in some cases it's actually surcharge free. again, it's worth investigating, but they're not making a whole lot of money this way. it does tend to be good. >> you can use any atm even though you may be part of a smaller credit union. >> only if it's a member of the group and not all are. so you have to find out, okay, i'm going to join, say, penn
8:16 am
fed, where is their network of atms? will they be convenient for you. >> i think you said over 90 million people are members. was there a surge in that after the anger at big banks and certainly, you know, what's happened with the economic situation, that a lot more people said i want to go local. i want to find something in my community and support that particular bank? >> exactly. just this weekend i was with a friend from vermont who joined for that reason, to be local. it was only after he joined he found out wow, i'm making more in my savings, i'm going to pay a lower rate. it's almost like organic food, buy your milk from the local dairy, use the local organization, and banks are starting to get their backs up over this. in vermont, banks went to the state regulators and said hey, they can't call that banking at the credit union. so there's a big fight and the judge just said they can. this is going to be an issue because credit unions are lending to small businesses. so they're honing in on banks' business. >> and credit union investment products? >> i'm not a fan there.
8:17 am
>> what is that? >> well, what happens is, an investment firm will sort of set up shop maybe in the credit union's offices. they'll rent some space or something. but it's not actually the credit union that's selling you this. the credit unions can't sell you mutual funds. so i say stay away from that. if you want a nonprofit mutual fund company, go to vanguard or schwab. generally if you buy a mutual fund or life insurance of the credit union, you'll get charged more. i don't recommend it. >> so finally, if you want to become a member of a credit union, where can you search for one? >> cu -- creditunionlookup, i believe it is, or >> we'll be handing out your phone number at the end of the segment. >> i will warn you, as positive as i am on credit unions, they're not always perfect. allen ross wrote a great piece about a credit union that changed the terms on its cd. and suddenly people couldn't withdraw their money at a cheap rate. turns out that was in the fine
8:18 am
print, but it's on page 22. who reads that? you do have to be careful like with any financial product. >> do they put their members first? that's what i've heard. >> the members are the owners. so that's the key difference. there are board meetings. you can join a union, but you're involved in the process and it is owned by the members. so that's very different from being owned by the shareholders who are, as they should be, out to make it worth it. >> credit unions, worth it? yot worth not worth it? >> in my book, i made some of these points. >> all right, jack otter, have a good time. >> thanks very much. >> with your kids today. there is a holiday. david rubenstein's father was a postal worker. now he is one of the top businessmen in the country. he's here to talk about the economy, the election and why is he giving away half of his $2 billion empire? david will tell us after the break. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:19 am
this portion brought to you by lifestyle lift. find out how you can light up your life. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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8:22 am
this is a new navy war ship, the uss michael murphy, commissioned this weekend in new york city. lieutenant murphy was a navy s.e.a.l. from long island, new york. he was killed in a fire fight in afghanistan. after his death he was awarded the medal of honor. >> this morning we'll meet a man who is busier at the age of 75 than most people half his age. >> he's a former dancer with inspiration to spare and he's on facebook and twitter. we'll speak with his long time teacher who says he has a lot of work to do.,,,,,,,,
8:23 am
8:24 am
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mallicoat, with your c-b-s e headlines... >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. hi, everyone. good morning. i'm frank mallicoat with your cbs 5 headlines on this monday. this evening, president obama making his last bay area appearance before next month's election. he has a private fundraising dinner in san francisco, then a public concert and rally at the civic auditorium. the san francisco board of supervisors will decide tomorrow if suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi will keep his job. the mayor demanded his removal after he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in connection with domestic abuse. it will take a "yes" vote by at least 9 of the 11 supervisors to remove him from office. and the 39th annual world championship pumpkin weigh-off happening now in half moon bay. there's a lot of squash there. pumpkins will vie for the world record in a $25,000 megaprize
8:26 am
for the world's first 1-ton pumpkin. for a gallery of past winners, log on to traffic and weather on your monday coming up right after the break. ,, you. we know you. we know you have to rise early... and work late, with not enough sleep in between. how you sometimes need to get over to that exit, like, right now. and how things aren't... just about you anymore. introducing the all-new, smart-sensing... honda accord. it starts with you.
8:27 am
heading across the bay bridge in san francisco, "holiday light," not too bad. metering lights are on no
8:28 am
backup behind the pay gates. it's shoaf center slow from the "s" curve with an accident that's out of the way. drive time on 237 between 880 and 101, 18 minutes. around the bay area today we have a lot of sunshine outside and most spots right now couple of clouds as you approach the coastline and just inside the bay. looks like it's going to be a fantastic day ahead like the weekend. 40s and 50s now, toward the afternoon expecting 60s and a few 70s. couple of clouds continue to move through from time to time. even 60s at the coastline. things get interesting late tonight. there's a weak low approaching the coast bringing with it showers tuesday into wednesday morning. another storm system on friday with another chance of rain. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,
8:29 am
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8:30 am
do you think you guys replacement officials as a group were placed in an untenable position from the beginning >> it was a very difficult situation. it wasn't like a win-win. it was a difficult situation. >> would you do it again? given all that's transpired? >> in a heart beat. >> why? >> because it was enjoyable and it was exactly what we all liked to do as officials. we like to work the best game at
8:31 am
the highest level. there's not an official out there that would say any different that they wouldn't want to have that opportunity. >> replacement official lance was involved in the most controversial call of the nfl lockout. he spoke with james brown on "the nfl today" show. >> and would do it again. >> i suspect all of them feels that way not with standing the controversy, they would do what they were passionate about doing. >> always a good thing. welcome to cbs "this morning." david rubenstein is co-founder of the carlyle group which owns more than 200 companies including mrs. fields cookies. and hertz rent a car. >> he may be better known for his work in charity. he's donated tens of millions of dollars to various causes and promising to giveaway half of his estimated $2 billion fortune. we're pleased to have him. you have signed on with gates and buffet. what does that mean for you? >> melinda and bill gates and
8:32 am
warren buffett came up with the idea of giving half of their money away before they die and encourage more philanthropy which is a good thing. >> you've given $4.5 million possible panda. what will happen to the panda? >> we were disappointed with the death of the baby panda. we hope that there will be another panda birth next year. pandas can only reproduce very limited periods of time. >> what is it about pandas for you, david? out of all the things you can be involved in, the fact you like pandas. >> i'm regent of smithsonian. my concern was to help get people to come to the zoo more. the pandas are very popular.
8:33 am
i thought the pandas are the most popular species on the face of the earth. 99% of the species on the earth is extinct. the most popular is the panda. >> aren't we hoping the chinese will give us another panda? >> we need two. if they can't reproduce maybe we'll get two more. >> what about private equity. that was a business that mitt romney was in as well at bain capital. >> that's correct. >> it's become a subject of critic jim from the obama campaign with respect to what he did and whether he created jobs or not. should bain capital be an issue in this cain? -- campaign? >> everything is subject to be criticized in a campaign. the private equity has helped revolutionize business around the world. private equity is designed to make companies more efficient. it has an effect of make being jobs be created and that's not the principal purpose but very often we save jobs.
8:34 am
one of the most important things is we make good returns that go to public pension funds. private equity has bean great thing for american business and the envy of the world. >> there's tissue of carried interest. >> that's correct. >> which puts you at a lower interest rate than some think you should be. taxed at a capital gains rate rather than ordinary income rate. do you think that's fair? >> in the context of comprehensive tax reform everything should be looked at. we have to recognize we have a $1 trillion annual deficit. unless we deal with ways of getting revenue and cut spending we'll be in a bad situation in our country for quite some time. carried interest shouldn't be singled out. everything shoulgd be looked at. >> due agree it should be taken out. everything should be looked at. but with respect to carried interest. >> carried interest won't solve the problem. we have a $1 trillion annual deficit. carried interest would carry about one tenth of 1%. we should solve the deficit.
8:35 am
>> it sounds like you say keep it. >> i'm saying look at everything but look at it in the context what it will kofl. our bigger is not carried interest it's the deficit and the $16 trillion of debt. that's a far greater problem. >> what would you do and what would you recommend whoever the next president do to solve the fiscal cliff crisis? >> first what i would recommend and again i was in government and i didn't solve all these problems so i'm not a person that has all the solutions but what i would recommend the next president of the united states do is get the members of congress together, take them to camp david, get rid of the cell phones and emails and everything and force them to get together and work for a couple of days to couple with a solution. right now we really don't get people together from both parties very frequently and the president has to be involved. i think the american people really want this problem solved and i think if we can get something done in the lame duck session it would be helpful to the business community. the business community wants
8:36 am
certainty. we want to know what the rules of the road will be. we don't have certainty of where the economy is going. if the fiscal cliff can be dealt with in the lame duck session you'll see more growth in the economy. >> i love your personal story, david rubenstein because here you are, your dad was a postal worker, never made more than $8,000. you said money was never on your radar screen. when and how did that change for you >> when i grew up money wasn't important. i was interested in other things. sports. i thought i would be a great professional baseball player but that didn't work out. i went to law school and wanted to work in service. i served in the white house under president carter. i went back and practiced law. i wasn't that great of a lawyer and not a great demand of service. i decided to do something different. i start ad company and it took off. so i did get fortunate to make more money than i probably can spend and therefore i'm committed to giving away the bulk of it. >> when you started your company you were 38 years old. you were telling me in the green room that believes kids today,
8:37 am
young people today should try many things before the age of 30 because before 30 you really don't know. very few mark zuckerberg. >> very few people know what they want to do in their 20s. people should find what they enjoy not what their parents want to do and you have to experiment. you should try many different things. i did many different things. i was in government, i practiced law. not until your mid-30s do you know what you want to do. >> gayle, he's like your son and like me, a duke graduate and has done a lot of wonderful things. >> he's on the cover of "forbes" magazine. >> he believes like me that duke will have a great team. >> absolutely. >> thank you, david. >> nice to see you. the government began the war on drugs more than 40 years ago. a new documentary argues it's bean massive failure. we'll hear f,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
watching arrest after arrest i began to see for the first time the destrutive impact of drug laws not only they target but those who enforce them as well. problem is that cop that made that cheap drug arrest he's going to get paid. he's going to get the hours of overtime for taking the drugs down to ecu. he's going to get paid for processing the prisoner down energy booking. he's going get paid for sitting back at his desk and writing the paper work for a couple of hours. he'll do that 40, 50, 60 times a month so his base pay might end up being half of what he's paid as a police officer. >> filmmaker eugene jarecki examines the high cost on the war of drugs. and his new documentary "the house i live in" won a prize at this year's sundance film festival. >> he argues the effort to control drug use in america has ruined millions of lives over the past 40 years.
8:41 am
eugene joins me now at the table. 40 years is a long time we've been fighting the war on drugs. your documentary was very powerful. the efforts to fight the drug war is as damaging as the people that use the drugs themselves. >> over 40 years we have spent a trillion dollars. we have had 45 million drug arrests. we've become the world's largest jailer with 2.3 million people in jail. what do we have to show for it? drugs are cheaper, more available today. so the trail of disaster before us is indefensible and yet we keep doing exit we remain committed to it until we start to rethink it as a people. >> what do you think the solution is? >> the solution and we're seeing it in foreign countries, our western neighbors which has much more sensible drug policies than our own. portugal has decriminalized drugs pretd pretty much across the board. they remain very vigilante. we don't do that in this country. we attack poor rather defenseless people.
8:42 am
prisons are full of them. it's a flood of indefensible arrests. in new york, for example, we have 700,000 stops a year on the streets of new york. york. 90% of those stopped are young black and latinos and half the time, 350,000 a year are stopped and frisked. in those cases only 10% lead to an arrest. the remaining 90% of those we stop and frisk we embarrass them in front of their community, we din grate them, humiliate them, leading to what? you can go now. >> most people are very judgment tal. they say you need to be socially responsible and not break the law. what you say is you have to get past that. you need to think about what is causing the pain that the addicts are going through. i think you have to address the question about social responsibility. >> you do. we want young people to be socially responsible. it's hard when you're knee capping them every chance you get. when they fail school, no health care, their parental structures have been broken up.
8:43 am
this war has been going on a long time. a lot of young people being put away are people who parents have already gotten put away. under sentences, crack cocaine is 100 times penalized. one fair. unfair. we've had very selective rather bias ways of punishing people and then sort of a ricochet effect we see in young people. >> nancy reagan, of course, took on this issue as a first lady. but in this election season there's no discussion about it at all. >> historically ever since richard nixon coined the phrase of war on drugs and appeared to be tough on crime he wasn't. he spent two third of drug budget on treatment. we should think about how to treat people's pain. instead he went out on the campaign trail and said even though i'm doing it privately, i want everyone to know i'm a warrior. i'm tough. when he won a landslide in '72 politicians ever since have said it works to be tough on crime.
8:44 am
so for years and years we heard politician after politician from both parties say oil be tough on crime but i want to hear when they will be smart on crime. i want to hear what they will do to solve the root causes why they feel people want to self-medicate and to pay for that addiction they get an underground economy job. >> one expert says the war on drugs is like saying the problem with pneumonia is the cause. >> i've met with judges, cops, they all believe the system that they are a part of is not new york working and they want us in the public to force our political leadership to change it but the leadership is still addicted to saying we're the quick fix guy. we're more addicted to being tough on crime than anybody is addicted to drugs. >> eugene jarecki, nice to see you. very important points. >> the name of the documentary is called "the house i live in." it's now in theaters.
8:45 am
lots of people work full-time. they have got facebook pages and twitter accounts. usually though they are not 75-year-old dancers. i just like looking at him on the dance floor. we'll find out how he continues to do what he does on cbs "this morning" right after the break. ♪ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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8:48 am
americans are living and working longer these days. some people have to work. but others are having too much fun to retire. michelle miller has the story of one senior citizen who still has a spring in his step. ♪ >> reporter: five days a week you can find finis jhung doing what he does best. teaching dance at alvin ailey. does best. teaching dance at alvin ailey. >> i love it. that's my job. i love ballet since i was 6 years old. and i still do. >> reporter: this sue. now at the age of 75, finis jhung has been working at that love for more than 60 years.
8:49 am
>> that's my first stage appearance at age 11. >> reporter: he performed professionally for a decade in the 1960s. >> you're higher than all of them. >> because i started later. >> reporter: but he stood behind-the-scenes as a teacher for the last 40 years. he even trains the stars of the hit "billy elliot." one of them still studies with him. >> go, go, go, go. >> reporter: while most people of his age have long since retired, finis jhung is moving ahead at full speed. >> these are all my studios. >> reporter: along with teaching, dancing fuels his two side gigs. he makes instructional dvds for dance teachers and produces work out stretching videos for the elderly. for a guy who just passed the
8:50 am
three quarter century mark, he's kept up remarkably well with the times. >> so you see here, i put up this comment yesterday. >> reporter: he has a facebook and twitter account. >> not every 75-year-old looks like you. they can't move like you. >> i don't have hair. >> one and to. >> reporter: finis jhung could be the face of the new senior as more of them work past the retirement age. back in 1985 less than 11% of americans age 65 and older were working. by last year the number had jumped to nearly 18%. >> i'm very happy in my teaching. i do enough dancing. i'm 75. i can't be jumping around like i used, to you know. and why should i? i don't need to. >> reporter: the common denominator in your success is change. >> definitely. and life is in a constant state of change. will it change for better or worse?
8:51 am
it's up to you. >> reporter: his students relish the master, his techniques serves professionals and beginners no matter what their age. >> it's definitely a way to age gracefully enough. why i'm here. >> go ahead, tell me. >> 72. >> reporter: did you ever think in a million years at 60 you would be able to pirouette with the best of them? >> that's my goal. >> my students are my inspiration. they can start to do these moves and look like ballet dancers. >> reporter: inspiring others is just one way finis jhung stays a step ahead. >> tell my people i only have 20 more years to teach. i think at 94 i should stop.
8:52 am
>> reporter: hard to imagine, he'll retire at any age. for cbs "this morning," michelle miller, new york. >> i'm thinking 70 is the new 30. that's what i'm thinking. >> i'm with you. >> seriously, 70 the new 30. >> that's great. it's fabulous, i think. >> the woman who is 72. i think there's something if you can still get out there and do it it changes your whole attitude. >> we know that's true. >> ballet for you soon, mr. rose >> pretty good. >> i think charlie preserves shaking his bootie. >> charlie you would do ballet? >> of course. >> i would pay to see that. >> that does it for us. won't see that today. up next your la cold news. we'll be back tomorrow right here on cbs "this morning". ,,,,,
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald captions by: caption colorado good morning, everyone. 8:55. your time. i'm frank mallicoat with your news headlines this monday. this morning a coalition of community groups in san jose will announce a boycott of the mi pueblo grocery chain limited to the company's participation in the federal everify program, the department of homeland security system to determine people's immigration status. and governor brown is trying to ease the gasoline shortage telling the state air resources board to allow gas suppliers to start pumping the winter blend, cheaper blend, that usually isn't available until november 1. san francisco, the average for regular right now is almost $4.74 a gallon. president obama flying to san francisco this afternoon. he will land with air force one
8:56 am
around 1:40 p.m. he has a private fundraising dinner in san francisco, and then a public concert and rally at the graham civic auditorium. we'll have coverage of his bay area coming up on cbs 5 at noon. now here's lawrence with your forecast wind quite a weekend, my friend. >> yeah. fantastic weekend. looking good for a monday, too. a lot of sunshine in most spots a couple of clouds approaching the coastline. the temperatures cool in the north bay especially into the 40s, 50s elsewhere. by the afternoon we're looking at 60s and 70s. a couple of passing clouds and mixture of sunshine. a chance of showers returns to the bay area on tuesday and wednesday. another storm system could bring a couple of raindrops to the bay area on friday. we're going to check your "timesaver traffic" coming up. ,,,,
8:57 am
dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that.
8:58 am
good morning. it is certainly "holiday light" heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. it actually looks good across the upper deck. we had an earlier accident on the skyway but that is now long since cleared. traffic is moving fine into san francisco. it's actually the opposite direction where we're starting to see slower speeds. look at this towards the lower deck. there must be a stall or something heading towards oakland because 101 is backed up. looks like to the 280 interchange even possibly beyond. a quick note: pleasant hill road in lafayette closed, southbound lanes between springhill and deer hill. captions by: caption colorado
8:59 am
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